What Liquid GoldTM can do
  • Raw Materials

    PCR CO2 ↓ 8kg/tyre

    TBR CO2 ↓ 36kg/tyre

  • Process Flow

    PCR Energy Consumption ↓ 36.1%/tyre

    TBR Energy Consumption ↓ 37.2%/tyre

  • Tyre Application

    PCR CO2 ↓ 4% (1.99t/150,000km)

    TBR CO2 ↓ 10%(69.4t/500,000km)

  • Tyre Mileage

    Raw Materials & Energy Consumption

    ↓ 67%/tyre relatively for PCR and TBR

300kt EVEC can be used in 67 million TBRs, and the Rolling Resistance grades A, then the Liquid Gold can do for the society: Reference as 300 thousand km/tyre/year
  • Fuel saving

    5.57million litres/year

  • Equivalent to planting

    153million trees

  • CO2 emission reduction

    0.14billion tons/year

  • Equivalent to the total amount of

    Total CO2absorbed by 15 million ㎡ of forest in 5 years