Liquid-phase Mixing Technology

EVEC(EVE composite), is a rubber masterbatch prepared with continuous liquid phase mixingtechnology. The product is known as Liquid Gold in the tire industry.

Process Feature

Compared with traditional rubber mixing methods,EVE' s liquid phase mixing technology can furtherincrease the silica loading in compounds. Since the production energy consumption of silica is 80%lower than that of carbon black, and unlike carbon black, silica is non-fossil energy source, thus, theproduction process with this revolutionary method of mixing reduces the energy consumption andcarbon emission from its roots.

The EVE' s continuous liquid phase mixing process mixes the rubber solution and filler slurry directlyin the liquid phase. lt greatly reduces the energy consumption compared with the traditionacompounding methods by eliminating the multiple steps ofenergy-intensive mixing. This new mixingtechnology greatly improves the dispersion of fillers and results in better over-all performances of theproducts. Compared with the traditional dry mixing technology, liquid-phase mixing technologyreduces the equipment investment and floor space of tire plants. The EVE' s continuous liquid phasemixing technology is a great way to solve the problems of high investment, low efficiency, high energyconsumption, a dusty working-environment, and poorfiller-dispersion at the core of the tire industry.

Processes Comparison
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