How We Grow Together

The "ECO X PLORER" plan is a recruitment and training project for high potential talents with an undergraduate degree and above, which are finally selected by the general manager of the company through direct interview. It is hoped that after coming to the company, it will rapidly grow into the backbone of the company and become the pioneer of ecological economy.

The word "ECO" has the meaning of ecological economy, which is consistent with the meaning of the company's brand slogan of "Green driving, Driving green". The first three letters of Economy are "ECO", which can refer to "Ecombine"in this English name.

Explanation of the word "EXPLORE": "EXPLORE" has the meaning of exploration and research, and the verb "PLOR" followed by "ER" can be translated here as the person of exploration.Interpretation of "ECO X PLORER": To sum up, this word is a combination and can be translated as the pioneer of ecological economy.

  • Join丨Selection period

    September to June of the next year

    丨Implementation of talent program

    丨Interview management (preliminary ones, general manager final ones)

    丨Screening and contracting management

    丨Group management

  • Cultivation丨Observation culture period

    12 months

    丨Induction course

    丨Two-tutor management

    丨Work in shifts at the production line

    丨Differential rotation

    丨Assessment and incentive mechanism

  • After becoming a regular丨Value output period

    12 months

    丨Regular communication

    丨Team building activities

    丨Employment confirmation and reporting

    丨Post probation evaluation

    丨Skills and professional quality

    丨Project experience (including non-engineering projects)

  • Development | becoming a true pioneer

    12 months

    丨Professional sequence

    丨Managerial sequence

    丨Strategic reserve team (extra R&D and management project experience)

Building talent project - Selection

丨Strategic development post reserve

丨Talent reserve for key projects

丨Management talent reserve

丨Reserve of basic management posts

丨Technical personnel reserve for key projects

丨Meet the needs of the post and undertake the special work of the post

Cultivation path
  • Professional Path
  • Management Path

Management Trainee | Employee


Assistant Engineer



Management Trainee | Employee


Deputy Manager